Hey hey!! I hope you guys love the way I write here once a week. I really want to do more but this school has my hands tied. That’s by the way, how has the month been so far? January is said to be the longest month of the year but I’m glad to say that this one is going faster than expected. This year has truly been amazing especially for creatives because so far everybody is on their A game. This is so because there has been motivation flying here and there which is what I’m talking about in this post.

I started off this year with the goal of being motivated all through which was what made me create a vision board (click here to see how I made mine). My goal also is to help people, especially friends, stay motivated too. So whenever I see anybody slacking I’ll just go there and help them because what good am I if I do well and don’t help others?? I’m writing this post because I won’t always be there to motivate you, so whenever you losing ginger just come and read this post. I’ve suffered having a goal without a motivation and I want to help anybody that is in the same phase. Let’s gomotivated
  • Remember why you started: why did you start that business, blog or vlog or start studying that course (this one helps me a lot)? Constantly remind yourself why you are where you are today. This is one lesson I learned from Paul in the Bible, even when he was in prison, he still kept on doing the good work of Christ because his eyes weren’t fixed on his situations but on the goal. So you may not have that mad camera for the best pictures or your own domain, or not up to 1000 subscribers but remember you have a goal and continue to run with it. motivated
  • Give yourself sometime: take a break. I took breaks from blogging because it became overwhelming and it became a weight instead of a hobby. Nobody will crucify you if you ask for a break, so take a break and strategize. Even school gives students breaks so please give yourself breaks.
  • Keep reading and learning: sometimes lack of motivation is just a knowledge problem in disguise. Ensure that you keep learning what is related to your field. I got to understand last year I’m like a tree planted by the rivers of water, I can’t run dry. But even if there is water beside me, just like a tree I need to suck that water because all things being equal gravity won’t let it go up. It means there will all always be an inspiration when I “search” for it. So understand that there is a whole lot of knowledge out there, constantly read more about your field and you’d bring forth fruits all year round. motivated
  • Take a challenge: I love challenges because they show how elastic you are. After I took the one blog post daily for 7-days challenge I felt way better about my blog and I realized I had beat inconsistency. So if things are slow then challenge yourself and push yourself even more. I already have a challenge for February and I want you to create one for yourself. No reader of my blog is slacking this year!!!motivatedmotivatedmotivated05motivatedmotivated
I hope you found my tips helpful. Also, I would advise that you voice out to someone. It’s not a must but if you need help then talk to someone too. Do feel free to message me or send me a dm on Instagram. Also, comment on other tips to help, so we can help each other more in the comment section. Enjoy the rest of your week guys. Until next blog post…

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