skincare routine
Hey loves, it’s so relaxing to share things with you guys here. I am currently back in school and the stress is coming but typing this blog post just makes me feel so calm. On the top of my goals for this year is to be more consistent in all areas of life especially in my skin care which is why I decided to actually have a routine. I’m also sharing everything I’m using, where I got them and the price like promised in this post here. So get a paper in case you want to take notes

skincare routine

    skincare routine

  • Nivea body lotion; I do run away from heavy moisturizers which is why the Nivea body lotion (Natural fairness) is a great moisturizer for me in the morning. It cost me about #1600 from my mum’s store in Ibadan.
  • Arami glow oil; just help me thank God for this oil. It’s the mother of oils. The lightness, the glow, the smell and after effect is amazing. It’s pretty affordable, a bottle (250ml) costs #2500 (click here to shop for yours)

    skincare routine

  • Cetaphil Face cleanser: I already did a detailed review on this. Click here to read it. I did not get it in Nigeria but if you reside in Lagos do check Ebeano supermarket.
  • Arami Body Onyx Polish: I’ve also done a review of this beauty. Click here to read it and click here to buy yours!
  1. Scrub:skincare routine
  • Arami Glow Scrub: at the moment I use only one scrub which is the Arami glow scrub. It is a blend of sugar and fine oils which is not too harsh for my skin. Its #4200 and you can get it here
  1. Masks:skincare routine
  • Face to Face facial mask: this mask is the first face mask I ever bought after hearing reviews about it. I like the fact that it is peel-off and has a strong grip to help those difficult whiteheads come out. I cannot remember the exact price but it cost me less than #1000 and I bought it at foodco supermarket, Ibadan.
  • Queen Helen Mint Mask: let me start by saying if I ever run out of toothpaste I will use this mask instead (just kidding). It’s very minty but sadly it’s not peel-off but it leaves my face feeling fresh. It’s just #2000 and it’s quite big. You can get this in beauty stores around.
  • Bamboo charcoal black mask: after all the hype of the charcoal mask I was so happy when my friend gave me this one as a gift. It’s blackhead removing true true. I don’t know the price because it was a gift.
  1. Extras:skincare routine
  • Tea tree oil: I use this when I have breakouts because it’s strong and dries a pimple overnight. This cost me #2000 from Jumia, it’s a really small bottle tho (30ml).
  • Rosewater: I use this as my toner, it’s very mild and relaxing. It was just #1000 on jumia
  • Witch Hazel Gel: this one was also a gift (I love my friends). It’s a gel-like cream giving me all the benefits of witch hazel.

cetaphil cleanser

Wash face with Cetaphil face cleanser using face brush
Apply witch hazel gel
Moisturize with Nivea body lotion
Oil cleanse with coconut oil (sorry I didn’t add that above)
Wash face with Arami Body Onyx polish
Use rosewater as toner
Moisturize with Arami glow oil
Friday Night- Use face mask, normally pick one depending on what my face needs
Sunday Night- use Arami glow scrub
And we are done! That’s all I use and my routine. If I change my routine, I will do an updated skincare post. Let me know what products you use and your routine in the comment section below. Make caring for yourself a habit because it the Lord’s temple. I love you and till next blog post… Drink more water

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