Hey Hey!! Happy new month guys and welcome to the month of February. This year so far has been great, been ticking those goals off and doing more daring stuff. I decided to continue the monthly review post because of the views it got last year, my readers sure love to know what I was up to. So this January I was…

  • LISTENING TO: The Gratitude Coza’s album tagged Hello World. My roommate says that’s my anthem lol
  • EATING: cereal and plantain chips due to laziness to buy food
  • WEARING: Mules, as I finally have my own pair and it came in my favourite colour


  • ENJOYING: the comfort of my room
  • WATCHING: Fresh Prince of Bel-air. Such an awesome series, love the 90’s vibe it gives me. Do you remember it?
  • CRUSHING oN: Bloggers across the world. Y’all are awesome and they keep inspiring me every single day plus the support I’ve received from other bloggers this year has been outstanding
  • MISSING: my sisters, I’m so attached to them all the time
  • IRRITATED BY: how some brands don’t reply and had initial intentions to work with bloggers. Why start a collaboration offer if you will just leave them hanging without a yes or no to their terms?
  • WISHING: January will end and I could do this Shaku Shaku dance. At my first attempt, I gave up felt like my legs would hurt lol, please don’t be like me


  • WORKING ON: being consistent and a project for February (stay tuned)
  • PRAYING FOR: more of Christ to be revealed to me because what’s important is the point you get from prayer not your prayer point
  • HAPPY ABOUT: slay festival. I’m going to be there, will you?
  • LEARNING: a lot of things related to chemical engineering. Feels like school just got real for me.
  • READING: Scripts (you’d know why soon)
  • DRINKING: Lemonade!!



That’s my January 2018 in a post. This February I hope to grow and learn how to be a good team player because every part of school is creating groups. I have awesome plans to do something unique on the blog this month so do subscribe if you haven’t and share how your month went plus your goals for February. Giveaways too are coming up so subscribe and till next blog post…



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  1. Second reader😋😋😋😋😋…… Slay festival…. planned on going but school resumes on the 16th and no partner to go with…

    The Shaku Shaku dance I didn’t even bother attempting it 😂😂😂😂😂 my legs are thankful to me for that decision….. have a blessed week and month and still waiting on that orange post 😍😍😍😍

    1. Aaayyyy my girl come we can go together then I can teach the shaku shaku dance there because I’m about to have a degree in it😂😂😂😂 thanks for reading babe

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