I’m sure you’re wondering why the more is there, this is sort of part 2 of my very first post on this blog. I shared 16 random facts about me (read it here) and I’m sharing more here because as I grow daily I discover more amazing things about myself. The journey to self-discovery is awesome. Without wasting more time let’s find out more about Onyinye.

random facts


  • I can’t lay my edges to save my life. I have tried so many times so I would rather just trust someone to help me
  • I can never have too many perfumes like I even hoard the few drops and empty bottles.
  • Β I’m addicted to touching Β my hair, I’m sure my hairdresser is tired of me and this is why my hair gets rough fast

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random facts

  • I love talking, I want to talk someday and get paid
  • I can’t eat without watching a movie, reading or gisting (i don’t believe in don’t talk while eating)
  • I love pleated skirts, it has to be one of my favorite pieces after palazzo pants

random facts

random facts

  • I’m studying engineering simply because I want to be called an engineer someday. ENGR. Onyinye coming through lol
  • I would rather address 100 people than 10 people (weird right?)
  • It is my desire to be a travel photographer before 22 yrs of age
  • I love waffles. If you want to bribe me, bring it along.



random facts 06

random facts

Β random facts
Now I feel you know me better but I don’t know you and that’s sad. please share random facts about you in the comment section so this our friendship can grow. Have a blessed week and till next blog post…


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  1. I can definitely relate to the part where you said you cant eat without watching a movie or talking. Once my laptop started having issues just when i was about eating so I literally threw the food away because it just felt strange. Loll


    1. Babe you’re deep ohhhh. When my laptop has issues I used a friend’s own or I just looked for something on YouTube to watch. The movie just makes the food sweeter really.

  2. Hi Oyinye,
    It was a nice read!.

    Some few facts about me: I love babies(they are so cute). I love drama especially stage plays. I can talk for Africa but the first time you see me, you will think “she’s very gentle and quiet”. I love fiction. I like going for weddings and I like makeup.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Your blog is inspiring!
    God bless!

    Roses of Life

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