woven fever 01
So our dear summer is coming to an end and this is me trying to kick in one blog post relating to summer before it ends. I must say that this summer was amazing, I learned a lot and I faced a lot too. I’m so grateful to you guys here on the blog that keep reading and supporting me. Waking up to thousands of page views is so touching and I wouldn’t be there without you so thank you.

woven fever 02

woven fever 03

One piece I started crushing on towards the end of summer was woven pieces. They looked so lovely in pictures and just expressed the beauty of summer so well. Sometime last year I got myself the hat that allows me to bring out my fro which I love so much and this summer I added the bag to the woven collection. I can currently say that I have woven fever!!


woven fever 04

woven fever 05

Poncho– Bardot
Jumpsuit– no designer but it says made in Italy
Hat– Sola fagbemi
Bag– Amati
Slippers– Acen
Location– Agodi garden, Ibadan.

woven fever 06

woven fever 07

woven fever 10

woven fever 08

woven fever 09

Well, I styled this with the white jumpsuit because I believed they go so well with white. Woven pieces are great and are available to you. Check the markets and you can get them at a low price. I’m definitely going to build my woven collection and explore more ways to style them. Once I do that be sure to see more woven fever here on the blog and this fever is contagious trust me.

woven fever 10

woven fever 11

So loves your girl has dropped another one, I’m really praying for grace to be consistent here on the blog because I really love posting here. Plese share your thoughts on this look in the comment section and send in ideas you want me to post about. I love y’all and till next blog post…

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