I should be kicked off from the blogosphere for not publishing this as one of my first posts on this blog. It wasn’t up until one of my friends told me to share why I started that I realized that I have never shared it at all. I feel sharing it gives us a sense of direction and lets you know why I try to keep posting no matter how hard.

I started blogging in June 2016 with my WordPress blog and I got the idea in March or so. I always admired bloggers and read blogs like crazy but never saw myself having one. See guys I talk a lot like I really love talking if there is anything I want to make money from it is talking and I was particular about sharing my views on things. You can’t have a conversation with me and I won’t want to share my view.  My dad gave me the pet name “parrot” because of how much I talk. Hence I really like sharing my views I thought, why not share it on the world’s greatest platform the WWW. My real close friend too at that point encourage me to start a blog plus I needed a distraction from school.
blogging I bet you guys are like why don’t you have a YouTube channel then. I was 16 when I started blogging and I didn’t know jack about how YouTube works plus I’m still out for people who love to read and write. I fell deeply in love with blogging like my first month in it and the support here was really crazy. So I decided to build and grow in the blogosphere.




Challenges I’ve faced
There is nothing you’d want to do in life that you won’t experience challenges (sound like my mum fam). If nothing taught me that blogging sure did.
The first challenge came from my school, I’m in a school with a strict dress code and that affects my fashion big time. I don’t style denim much here because I’m not permitted to wear them in school so it’s a bit challenging in terms of style. This challenge helped me inspire those in the same category, it helped show that rules should not limit your fashion sense. It also helped my creativity because I had a lot to create from a little box. So before you curse a challenge see the blessing in it.blogging blogging
Another challenge I had was in terms of location. I’m not in Lagos like other bloggers or Abuja so there were events I wanted to go for, meet up and collaborate with other bloggers but I just couldn’t. This helped me know more bloggers in Ibadan and there are lovely ones here.
Those are majorly the challenges I faced. I also had the issue of a camera but thanks to God I got my camera this year. Some challenges I don’t even have a name for are there too but I’m glad with where I’m at now and I’m loving blogging with the goal of sharing my views till the last man hears one blog post at a time.

bloggingblogging bloggingblogging

Whatever you’re doing in this life guys have a reason why you started it, it helps with tackling the challenges when they come. Remain strong in whatever you’re doing loves and have fun while at it. Until next blog post …

This is day 5/7 of my one blog post daily challenge with Ifeoma Amadi (check out her blog here) and do read  day1day2 ,day3 and day 4



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