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Friends!!! how was the weekends and how is the week going? WeΒ all know this glow up thing for the summer is a serious and finding the right products can be a great deal. A few months ago I made a decision to use natural products for my face and it has done a good job. Now I have another natural product here from an amazing brand that I have been using for about 3 weeks now and I know will help a sister out there in this glow up ministry.

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Arami essentials sent me their Onyx body polish and their body and hair food. I was really excited when I got the body and hair food because I forgot my Shea butter mixture at home and I mean Shea butter is a necessity. So from this post, I really want my beauty reviews to be detailed so I divided it into; first impression, about the products and how I use it. Ready to read? I guess so

First impression
It was love at first. The packaging was simple and neat. The goodies came in a white bag with their amazing slogan on it “your body is a temple”. It became my motivation, so I’m washing my face or moisturizing and telling myself that my body is the temple of God. It has to look good. Then another thing I fell in love with was the smell. The hair and body food smells like vanilla while the Onyx body polish smells like lemon. The packaging is travel friendly and it’s not glass so I’m not afraid of it breaking.

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About the product

  • Onyx body polish
    Ingredients ; raw African black soap, pure honey, lemon, extra virgin oil, rose water , ash and a blend of herbs.
  • Body and hair food
    Ingredients; raw whipped Shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, vitamin e oil and essential oil.

Product review Arami essentials

How I use it
I simply use the body onyx polish as my face wash and sometimes I wash using my spin brush (read its review here). The onyx polish has a nice creamy feel and doesn’t leave my face dry like some soaps I have tried.Β Then I use my body and hair food as a moisturizer after a wash both on my body and my hair.

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So far these products have helped. My dark marks are fading out faster. If your skin loves natural products like mine then I suggest you try out these products just contact them on Instagram.
Also let me chip this in, don’t leave products 100% responsible for the turn out of your face. Drinking water and eating right plays a major role. So if you want to glow up, take care of yourself both from outside and inside and pray too, it works!! Pls comment some of your beauty faves below and subscribe. Till next blog post…

Drink more water


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