black tee
I bet what drew you to this post is what’s written on my tee. Am I wrong? I guess not because that’s why I bought the tee. This 2017, I can clearly say that the basic tee trended well from the cool dapmod shirts to the “I love my Fridays black” jumia shirt and lots more. I had to partake in the simplicity of a black tee.

 black tee
I love a basic tee because it can be styled in many ways, you pair it up with black trousers like I did or some nice jeans or even colored pants. You can pull it on when you have nothing and still look bam!!
I do recommend that you add some extra stuff like some trainers or a pair of heels if it is for an outing don’t do the regular flats or slippers. Also, don’t be scared to put on a nice jacket either denim or a leather jacket be it any color. A black tee is something you can have fun with anyways. I should probably do a look on styling a basic tee in different ways like 10 in the new year. If you want that just let me know in the comment section below.
 black teeblack tee
What I’m wearing
Tee- Romwe
Trousers- Oasis
Shoes- work out
Jacket-  atmosphere

black teeblack teeblack teeblack teeblack teeblack teeblack tee

I really love the looks I’ve created for you guys here this year and next year is going to be better guys. My only advice is that don’t limit yourself when it comes to style. There is a lot you can create from a little wardrobe trust me. Enjoy your remaining hours left in 2017. Until next blog post…

This is day 6/7 of my one blog post daily challenge with Ifeoma Amadi (check out her blog here) and do read  day1day2 ,day3 and day 4 day 5



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