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Hey guys, happy new month. Like joke like joke, this year is ending. It has definitely been an exciting year, one thing i can say is that social media took over this year. People became more serious with Instagram, it was less about just posting but trying to tell a story visually and curating a feed, and that is what I’m helping out with on this post. A how I edit my pictures tutorial.

I didn’t think my Instagram pictures were good till I started getting requests from my dear followers to tell them how I do it. I decided to do a blog post on it because I couldn’t reply everybody. Sadly my device crashed at the time I was meant to release the post but now it is here and I’m glad. I promise to do a video tutorial later on but for now, let’s learn from this. All my readers are crossing over as mini photographers woohoo!!!!
What gadgets do I use?
I use my canon camera (Toju), it’s actually a Canon 700D with its 18-55mm kit lens. I use it majorly for my outfit pictures and a few flatlays. I also use my iPad (Ipad 3) I use it to take my flat lays and to edit like it makes editing super easy for me.
 What apps do I use?
I use just 4 apps in total because I don’t like having too many apps on my device. I use 3 to edit and 1 to plan my feed. They are:
how i edit
I use vsco for basically 2 things; to add filters and to sharpen my pictures. VSCO has the best filters I have seen and the app is worth its rating. My favorite filters here are HB1, HB2, A5, SE3. All are free asides SE3. They are all good and just match my theme on IG.
how i edit
This my go-to app of the year, the app is not free ( about $2.99) but it’s worth it like crazy. Earlier this year, I kept on hearing about the app from other bloggers and one day I decided to close eye and just buy it. I use this app to whiten and to smoothen for my selfies. I love having white in my pictures and this app helps with that
I recently got this app and I use it for my writings and to resize some pictures. It is easy to use and helps out with the size of my pictures especially for the insta stories.
If you follow me on IG and like how my profile looks then this is the app room that makes it happen. I plan how my profile will look like planoly and also schedule my posts. This app gives me the liberty to drag pictures till I am satisfied and gives me a preview of what my future gram will look like in conjunction with current one. It is great for bloggers and photographers.
Now let’s start with a fresh picture. I took this beside a window with my canon for Arami essentials
how i edit
  • Import into vsco
  • Apply my most preferred filter ( this case it’s SE3)
  • Sharpen my picture (ensure you don’t overdo this).
how i edit
  • save to camera roll
  • Open face tune and import the picture from vsco to continue editing.
  • Use the whiten tool and just swipe over where you need to be whitened. It whitens the teeth well too.
how i edit
  • I whiten again because I like my pictures extra white
  • Save to camera roll and your picture is ready to catch eyes.
how i edit
how i edithow i edit
Woooo!!! That’s all guys. Thank you for reading until the end. Ensure you shoot in good lightening because editing apps do little when one shoots in shitty lightening. I hope I have helped out big time. Keep practicing with these apps and soon you’ll be a guru. Till next blog post…

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