Hello loves, how are we wrapping up this year? It’s almost over like that’s amazing guys and I can’t wait to share what i have for you in 2018. For now, let’s focus on the now guys, I joined a team of bloggers this December to blog about living a good life which is something I think we all need to know before the year runs out. It is very enlightening because we have  bloggers from different aspects of life like food, music. health and lifestyle. I would leave links to their posts at the end of the post.

Fashion is a huge part of my life inculcated in me by my mum and elder sisters. How I look when I step out or before I take a picture is major for me. So when it comes to building and living a good lifestyle, fashion is an inevitable aspect for me and I believe it’s same for you that is why you’re reading.life
Quickly I’d be sharing tips to dress your way into a good and great lifestyle. You need these tips because you’re going to wear cloth all the days of your life, you might as well just do it right.
  • Wear clothes that make you confident; if it doesn’t make you feel confident then please drop it no matter what. Be it heels, lace, blazer, shorts, minis or midis, if you wear it and you’re feeling like a different person or not a bold you then just drop it. I don’t care if it is trending, please pick your confidence over a trend.
  • Try new things; I’m glad tip 1 came before this one. Try new things that obey rule one. Don’t rule out everything, give it a try and if you love it, Why not? For a long time in my life I canceled dresses like I refused to wear them but after giving them a shot, my life turned around for good. Even little things like accessories, you need to try new ones sometimes.life
  • Create your introduction; no matter how hard I try I can’t escape the saying that ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’. As you’re working on your personality also do same for your dressing because it will always be seen first. Know what you want to be known for first and dress accordingly.
  • Dress according to your budget; spending more than you can afford on clothing is not healthy. These days there are awesome online stores that sell things at really cheap prices or be like me and wait for sales. I’d recommend you budget how much you want to spend monthly on clothes and stick to your budget no matter how nice those shoes are.
So those are my tips. I want to say a big thank you to you for reading and to Lamina for giving me this opportunity. Fashion is a huge part of your life because you will always wear clothes, don’t forget that. Until next blog post…

Art blogger: David (www.thoughtsofcromwell.com)


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