woven fever 01
So our dear summer is coming to an end and this is me trying to kick in one blog post relating to summer before it ends. I must say that this summer was amazing, I learned a lot and I faced a lot too. I’m so grateful to you guys here on the blog that keep reading and supporting me. Waking up to thousands of page views is so touching and I wouldn’t be there without you so thank you.
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gingham style 01
Guess who is back to her blog? Meeeeeeeeee!!! I like to see my blog as a job and sometimes people have a break from work and that’s what I decided to do. I was getting overwhelmed with blogging and I really needed to find my strength and remember why I started blogging. Well, I’m back, feeling a whole lot better and ready to inspire once again. So today we go international with the Gingham style!!!!!
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Hello to you! I get really excited every time I type a blog post, so I’m like sitting on my bed or in class waiting for my lecturer and just smiling because I’m typing a blog post. That’s the joy you get when you’re doing something that makes you feel fulfilled. Well well I hope the weekend went well. I’m back to boots, jumper and helmet because I’m in school for an engineering program. So yeah I’m living the engineer’s life, making daddy proud.

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HELLO FAM!! *british accent*Hope we all good and how has March been!!! It has been so exciting for me, so glad it’s coming to an end because I really want this semester to end phew!! It’s really been God that has been helping me. This March I’m grateful to God because He is God, He is just so faithful Β (oh glawry to God!)

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