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It’s day 7/7 and most especially it is day 365/365. I’m so turnt right now and ready to dance into the new year. 2017 has been a lovely journey with upsssss and downs but in all, it turned out well. Thanks be to God!! . One major highlight was me getting my custom domain and working on this website big time. I can proudly say that I grew in many aspects of my life like growth was the shit this year even my bald front hair grew this year!!! I’m so proud of myself.

make up
This 2017 I really wanted to step up my make up game because omo make up artists doubled their price and I  ain’t gat Otedola’s money in my account. I remember sharing it at the beginning of the year and here I am leaving 2017 a better self-trained MUA. This post was requested by one of my readers who really wanted to know what I use to beat my face. I won’t talk much in this post just going to say what I use, the price and where I got them. Let’s go…
  • Foundation
make up
 Maybelline fit me (330 toffee caramel) -N5500
TARA medium coverage foundation(TF312) – N3500. I bought at the house of tara studio at Palms mall, Ibadan.
  • Powder
make up
BlackOpal deluxe finishing powder in the shade “medium”- N3600 at foodco supermarket, Ibadan.
  • Lipsticks
Classic make up USA in the shades ( coffee, ruby woo and deep purple) -N1000
  • Eyeshadow
make up
MUA eyeshadow palette (Heaven and earth)- N3000
the Balm cosmetics (meet matte Esperanto)- N2000
  • Contour kitmake up
 Zaron face definer (medium)- N3000
  • Concealer
make up
La girl pro concealer ( medium beige)- N1200
  • Eyeliner
Kiss beauty liquid eyeliner- N500
make up
This is the basics of my make up bag. I do have more products I use but these ones are the ones I use regularly. I hope this post was informative. So run off into the year and slay your make up ( I think we should leave the word “slay” in 2017). I love you guys, see you next year and till next blog post…


This day 7/7 of my one blog post daily challenge with Ifeoma Amadi (check out her blog here) and do read  day1day2 ,day3 and day 4 day 5  day 6




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