school stress
Hello you, how was the week? I have been away for a while and I’m addressing the reason I’ve been away for a while which is school stress simply because I always come out of a struggle with a story or rather a blog post.
Now I won’t even lie to you and say school is cheap or easy, I’m studying Chemical Engineering so you bet I’ve had my share of school stress. In the past 3weeks, I have gone through some real stress but I’m sharing with you what I did to get back on my feet.
school stress
  • DON’T MAKE IT LOOK HARD: Having a hard life looks like the new trend, complaining about how stressful school is or how difficult it is. Yes! It may not be the easiest course but it doesn’t mean you should make it look like the end of the world. Try saying things like “I love this program” or ‘I love this course’. LIFE ISN’T HARD AND MAKING YOURS LOOK HARD ISN’T COOL.
  • UNDERSTAND THAT YOU CAN’T DO EVERYTHING: You can’t go for every meeting that is voluntary, you can’t see everybody and be everywhere. You are just one man that can do what one man can do. Address what is necessary and give no time to any distraction.
  • KNOW AND UNDERSTAND YOURSELF: please don’t be like me, it was in my 3rd year I discovered that I can’t read late night but morning readings are the best. So know what study pattern works for you and stick to it. This way your body functions as it is meant to thereby exposing it to less stress
school stress
  • GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK OR A TREAT: show some love to yourself, give yourself some special treat, take yourself on a date or have a nice meal with a nice movie. So you did well in your test, treat yourself before you start bothering about exams. Girl/ Guy, you deserve those new shoes or whatever affordable desire you have.
  • PLAN: lack of planning is the number 1 cause of stress. Don’t read it all the night before the exam, or rush that assignment and give yourself no sleep at all. Plan well, use your free-time to do productive things that will pay later. I will encourage you to get a planner or a diary to help with this.
  • TAKE NIGHT SHOWERS: I don’t know why this tip is here but I’m sharing things that are working for me. When you get back, take a nice shower, it kind of washes off all stress of the day away.
school stress
Yes! Now that I’ve handled the stress expect to see me more here. I’m super excited because my birthday is so soon. Do follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my blog so you can participate in the giveaway. Thank you for reading and if you have more tips to help me and other readers please share in the comment section below. Till next blog post…


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