18th birthday
Woohooo!!!! I’m finally legal. I’m so glad because I have looked forward to this day for ages and it has come and gone. I’m grateful to God, my parents, my family, friends, my readers here and my followers for all the love.

Yes, I got a lot of lovely messages on my birthday, people sharing how I have inspired them and now that I’m 18 all I want to do is build my platform to inspire more and more hearts and minds. I cooked up this post in the early hours of my day. so you’re reading fresh words of a new adult. Let’s read what I have to share.

 18th birthday

 18th birthday

  1. There is no need celebrating the new age you have no plan. I celebrated 18 because I had planned for 19. Plan before you party
  2. The world revolves around the sun, not you. Don’t make everything about you.
  3. Understanding and practicing discipline at a young age is a priceless gift
  4. Learn to grow through what you go through.
  5. Ladies, men aren’t scum the good ones exist if you would stop judging.
  6. Time your goals
     18th birthday 18th birthday
  7. You have no business being less than your parents and your leaders. If they jumped once then get ready to fly
  8. Pick the good out of people irrespective of their tribe, religion, color or race.
  9. Being able to stay up at night or off social media for a while is not maturity. Don’t get it twisted
  10. Those high heels, lashes, and highlight doesn’t make God love you any less, or make you less holy or make your prayers stop reaching heaven or your understanding of the word reduce.
  11. Life is actually a bed of roses but the roses you plant, water and nurture without the weeds that grow with them
  12. You don’t need a brand or a position to influence 18th birthday 18th birthday
  13. There will never be a perfect time just start but start well
  14. You can do anything you put your mind to but when you’re done go and rest
  15. If you let anyone limit you, you alone will suffer for it
  16. You mess up your life, you indirectly mess up another person’s life. Don’t think you live for just yourself. So wake up so a nation can wake up also
  17. If you’re not inspiring then you’re simply a matter just occupying space.
  18. An empty bag can’t stand upright. Wondering why you keep falling, go and get knowledge and then fill up yourself. 18th birthday 18th birthday 18th birthday
Wow! Thanks for reading till the end. Help me build my platform to inspire more by sharing this post. I want to keep inspiring till I reach the last man on the earth. Thank you so much

Yes!! So I collaborated with Arami essential and hosted a birthday giveaway.I love their products and how they reply their customers too. Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway. So so so the winner is
Congratulations dear please send me a message on Instagram or a mail.
I love you so much. Till next blog post…

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