HEY HEY!!! Let me begin with welcoming you to my new site. Your girl has finally over from a WordPress.com to her new website with her own domain and she designed it all by herself of course by the grace of God. So it’s been a year of blogging. I’m supper excited and grateful to God for the ideas, the grace and strength.

About 2yrs ago I never thought I will own my own blog talk less of being a being a blogger for a year but here I’m celebrating a year of blogging. I also have to say thanks to everyone that has opened my blog one way or the other, because what’s the use of blogging if no one is reading. For all the support in the comment section, the mails and messages I’m so grateful.

So now blogging has taught me a lot like it really did. I wanted to make this a separate post but I’ll just chip that right in here. One thing I learnt was finding my voice and style. Trust me, there was pressure to change almost everything but I learnt to be comfortable in my own skin and God given personality which helped me build confidence.

Also, people connect more with Originality. You see in the IT world people are more familiar with the first kind of an app that comes out as long it lasts. So if you really want a large amount of followers then be original and there is nothing more original than being yourself .

Lastly, the problem isn’t getting the idea, or starting the project, it is being consistent. There are so many ideas and projects that have died because of lack of consistency. You see growth doesn’t come by just starting but by being consistent. Imagine if a mum stopped feeding her child at a point, little by little the child stops to grow then the child reduces and before you know puff! the child dies. We are all mothers and our ideas are our children so be consistent! I kinda wish I was a more consistent blogger in my one year of blogging but oh well I pray for grace to be more consistent.

So there you have it I’m a one year old blogger lol. I might still be sucking, might not be potty trained , might not be able to talk well but one thing I know is that I’m growing and getting better. So be on the look out for more amazing content on this blog. Thank you once again. The comment section is free for you to comment. Have an amazing month oh lol forgive me Happy New month. We almost at mid year so I’m sure we are taking this month pretty serious. Till next blog post…

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  1. OK…… i had time today and i decided to take a look at your blog and to be be sincere, i am in awe at how fast you have grown and also how vast you have become as a blogger. I am proud of you Baby sis. Great things are happening already. Well done Dear. Cheers!

  2. Big Big congratulations dear…Kings build their thrones and that’s what you are doing..”KING YEYCHI”👑

  3. Congrats dearie…proud of you…got lots of inspiration from your blog…This is just the beginning of greatness😍

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